student life

two female students smiling at an outdoor campus barbecue

student life

at bryn athyn college, student life is about more than clubs and committees and residence halls. it’s about understanding new perspectives.

it’s about mutual respect

you’ll meet people from many different places and many different backgrounds, but you’ll meet them in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared values. just like everything at bryn athyn, our student life is founded on spiritual principles. you’ll notice it as soon as you arrive on campus—our students are friendly, our faculty members are supportive and dedicated, and the campus feeling is one of camaraderie and belonging.

it’s about getting involved

at bryn athyn, we encourage every student to get involved in campus life. for some, this means joining one of our campus organizations, such as student government, the social committee, or the international student organization. for others, it means lending a hand at events hosted by care, our community service organization. many students participate in campus activities, from open mic nights at the social center to barbecues at the student-built gazebo. and of course, the best parts of campus life are the people you’ll meet during casual conversations in the coffee shop and late night study sessions in residence hall lounges.

our tight-knit campus makes it easy to get involved. the friendly people here will create a space for you to see from new angles and explore new activities, and will encourage you to develop your potential for leadership. by the time your sophomore year rolls around, you’ll be the one welcoming the new freshmen with abundant bryn athyn friendliness.